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  • Single-Sourcing Documents Is In

    STC 2008 GlobalVisionTechnical communicators have influenced the localization industry for many years. The tools they adopt and the processes they follow impact what we do for localization. For instance, in the 90s they adopted RoboHelp and FrameMaker for online help and manuals. Then in the early 2000s some migrated to FrameMaker and Webworks Publisher in an attempt to use only a single-source. Recently they transitioned over to using FrameMaker, Flare, X-Metal and AuthorIT in structured XML authoring mode. The localization industry has had to pay attention to their moves and adopt the tools and processes they adopted to deliver files in all the languages and formats they required.

  • Translation Management Systems Benefits

    Translation Management Systems (TMS)Translation Management Systems (TMS) are designed to host and facilitate localization and translation projects for all stakeholders– clients, translators, localizers, vendors and partners. They give users secure 24/7 access to project information and assets via a simple web browser and preferably require no software or administrative tasks from its users.

  • Lowest Translation Rates

    lowest translation ratesThe Translation and Localization industry has been both consolidating and fragmenting for many years. Larger companies are gobbling up smaller ones to grow faster than others, while smaller companies continue to mushroom all over the world on a monthly basis. With low capital expenditure requirement and heavy reliance on outsourcing work, almost any person with some experience in the industry can start a translation company. But how will they grow their business?

  • Localization Best Practices

    Localization successSo you have decided to localize your product and are ready to delve into the project. Before you do, make sure you familiarize yourself with the best practices for common localization tasks — the do’s and don’ts of how to turn your efforts into a glowing success.

  • Product Localization Process

    Translation ProcessWith the fast pace of technology, product updates are a frequent necessity that not many can escape. Even if you are planning to start a completely new localization project, it is important to understand the different process nuances because sooner or later, your product will require updates. Implementing a process up front that can effectively handle updates will save you time and money in the long term.

  • Authoring For Translation

    Global officeLocalization often starts only after the source text is finished, leaving translators with no opportunity to improve the finished source. Working with the wrong professional document translation service provider can lead to a garbage-in, garbage-out scenario. This article- offered by a seasoned translator- attempts to proactively influence writers to improve documentation quality for all end-users, international and local.

  • Best Translation Services Streamline Document Updates

    Documents Translation ServicesThere’s a very old (and unfortunately very true) saying in high tech that sometimes you have to shoot the developer before a product can be released to manufacturing. When developers change or add product functionality at the last minute, Tech Pub writers must scramble to update the documentation so that it doesn’t gate the release. When you consider that translation is taking place at the same time, the ripple effect of updating the documents can have international ramifications. Obviously, once documentation has been released for localization, early and minimal changes to that documentation can reduce your translation and localization costs. But what if this is not possible?