• Global Translations and the Power of Authenticity

    Global TranslationsThe planet is a big place, full of all kinds of different languages, many related to one another, while others are off on their own (language isolates) like the Basque language, or exist in smaller groupings, like the Finno-Ugric languages (Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian). And even though, from an economic and commercial standpoint, some languages and global translations stand out more than others due to their worldwide presence — Chinese, English, French and Spanish come to mind — there are plenty of less common languages that need to be translated for business purposes as well. When it comes to global translations, it’s very important to appreciate how the power of professional human translation can improve authentic local translations, which in turn help your company’s message come across much more effectively.

  • Are the Olympics Truly Global?

    Are the Olympics Global?The recent news about Brazil’s disastrous economy and huge government scandal had stunned the world, leaving many worried about the progress of the pledged host country’s ability to make the arrangements. Fast forward to the now and everyone’s fears have been confirmed with huge problems erupting from different areas. Firstly the massive debt that has increased from the expensive stadiums and training grounds built for this one time event have stirred the angers of the people. Money that could have been used to improve the living conditions of the Brazilian populace like building needed transportation services have gone unnoticed, instead beach volleyball stadiums and track courts are built using a reckless amount of money.

  • Armenian Translation Services: Business Opportunities in Armenia

    Armenian Translation ServicesArmenia is a country with a long history. And while modern-day Armenia is not without its problems, we’d like to take a brief look at some of this nation’s influence on the world, and then examine how Armenian translation services can play an integral part in finding new business opportunities in Armenia, perhaps in conjunction with the substantial Armenian diaspora living abroad.

  • Translate English to French: Promoting Global Business

    english to french professional translationWhile English is still the planet’s lingua franca, and business leaders and tech companies are salivating over the massive markets in China (and keenly interested in Mandarin Chinese), it would be a good idea for firms branching out into the world to pay attention to Francophone regions outside of France, and how English to French professional translations can help increase business opportunities across the globe — particularly in Africa.

  • Industrial Translations Help with the Rise of a Booming Industry

    Industrial TranslationThe mega industrial Caterpillar started back in 1925 with the merging of Holt manufacturing Company and C.L. Best Tractor Company. With the war time tractor demand plummeting due to peacetime after the Great War, the two companies after intense competition from one another banded together to form Caterpillar Tractor Co. LTD. Under new management and led by Thomas A Baxter, the once popular war tractors were cut from production and the focus on smaller field tractors and highway construction machinery increased. When the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1921 was later further funded, there was less competition for Caterpillar once the two major competitors merged leading to more lucrative contracts and highway servicing. After successfully profiting off the Highway Act, Caterpillar would expand its industry to foreign markets, starting in England.

  • Language Services USA & Stronger Dollar Impact on Globalization

    Lower BP & Language ServicesWith the final decision to leave the EU in its famous campaign, Brexit, Britain has faced some serious market drops in its currency and economy. Dropping from its original $1.50 value to now as of yet $1.32, this may be the time for foreigners to buy cheaper English goods. “It’s a madhouse in here. It has been a bloodbath. Carnage,” said David Papier of foreign exchange house ETX Capital in London. The effects of the referendum has affected the globe’s markets. The U.S’s Dow Jones had dropped an astounding 900 points two days after Brexit’s decision. Japan’s Nikkei Index has reached its worst since its disaster 5 years ago. The ripple effects spread as far as the Australian and Shanghai market.

  • Era of Globalization, Will Brexit Usher it Out?

    Brexit impact on Translation & LocalizationIt’s official. On June 23rd 2016 Britain voted to leave the European Union with a shocking display of 52% vs. 48% in favor to leave. 17.6 million people were overjoyed to hear the campaign had achieved its goal. The immediate results swept the globe as worldwide stock markets took an astounding hit and the English pound decreasing from $1.50 to $1.36 in one day. To leave a greater uncertainty for Britain’s future, Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down saying that he won’t be the captain of this new era of England.

  • Malay, Hindi and Farsi Translation Services

    Farsi Translation ServicesWhile English is still the lingua franca for global business and diplomacy, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to other languages, particularly the ones your customers, or prospective customers speak! As commerce and the political influence of nations ebb and flow, different languages come to the forefront as far as business opportunities are concerned. When it comes to legal, medical and technical translations around the world, many people look to Mandarin Chinese (rightly so), or possibly Spanish or Arabic as the languages of the future.

  • Technical Language Translations in Southeast Asia

    Technical Language Translations in Southeast AsiaSoutheast Asia is an incredibly diverse region spanning from the high-tech hub that is Singapore, and the growing technology boom coming out of Malaysia, to the manufacturing and technical promises developing in countries like Indonesia and Vietnam. Whether your company is looking at manufacturing and robotics, or breaking into domestic mobile messaging services apps and online gaming in Southeast Asia, technical language translations — and the translation services that provide them — should definitely factor into your regional business plans.

  • The Case for English Chinese & Spanish Translations

    2016 GDP % by Language If your products are offered and supported in English, you are in luck. With your product as-is or with minor tweaks, you can target the entire English-speaking world. This includes the USA, United Kingdom, Canada as well as Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and many others. According to the IMF, English-speaking countries contributed $24 trillion to the $75 trillion world GDP in 2015, or roughly a third!! If $24 trillion, or a third of the world’s GDP is not enough, consider the following:

  • This Global Era Forces You to Translate Sites

    Translate sitesThe internet has presented many avenues and opportunities that savvy businesses have taken advantage of in a bid to grow, and to facilitate the delivery of their services to customers. In this day and age, individuals and companies use the internet not only to get or share information, but also to sell and purchase products and services. In the business world, information is crucial, but revenues are top priority! Most businesses have opted to set-up websites because it makes it easier for prospective clients to find them.

  • Demand for Professional Translation – Market Size

    Professional TranslatorThe translation industry has performed well in the past five years. In the U.S., its growth and popularity are attributed to globalization, which has prompted companies to take their products overseas, and to the large influx of non-native English speakers who have moved to the country. On a global scale, the demand for translation services has sharply risen. An analysis of the translation industry based on past statistics, future speculations, and projections reveals that translation services are in high demand, and the future of the sector is promising.