• Swedish Translation and the European Politics of Immigration

    Swedish Translation AsylumIf you’ve been paying attention to the news these days, you probably know that people all over the world are on the move. Some are leaving their homes for economic reasons, and some are leaving because of war or other disasters that make living in lands they come from almost impossible.

  • Top Translation Companies to Help Pinterest Expand Internationally

    Translation Company on PinterestPinterest is having a difficult time growing its business internationally. Valued at $11 billion, the startup is one of the few prominent tech companies that was able to overcome the struggles of an unpredictable global economy. This accomplishment is impressive, considering that the business is only six years old. To cater to global markets, the startup opened offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and São Paulo.

  • African Translation Services’ Benefits to Western Businesses

    African Translation ServicesMany Western businesses have set their sights on the African continent as a new frontier for business and the reasons that are attributed to the increased focus on the continent are the improved political environments, the rich opportunities that have not yet been exploited, and the above average GDP growth rates. Consequently, the governments of those countries have adopted multiple tools and strategies aimed at reforming their economies, and making the business environment more conducive. The strategies adopted have worked to a wide degree and have instilled investor confidence in the region.

  • Italian Translation and Italian Words in Foreign Languages

    Maserati Italian TranslationItalian is a Romance language — and the closest living language to Latin, the progenitor of all of the Romance languages, from French, Galician and Portuguese to Catalan, Romanian and Spanish, plus many more. The influence of Latin, and in modern times Italian, is monumental. And so it should be obvious that Italian translation, and the numerous Italian words that have found their ways into non-Italian tongues, should be globally significant (from cultural and translation perspectives) as well.

  • Professional Language Translation In Support of Haitian People

    Professional Translation ServicesHaiti is in the Caribbean, and as such has been a well-liked vacation destination. Tragedy struck in 2010, however. A devastating Earthquake rocked the nation’s infrastructure to its core, killing many and displacing more. Six years later the nation is still recovering. Part of that recovery process is going to be economic, industrial, and business-related. Unfortunately, when such a blow as that hits, something which really suffers is education. Over 95% of the population in Haiti speaks Haitian Creole.

  • English to Malay Translations & Unease Over the Malaysian Economy

    english to malay translationsThe Malaysian economy, while fairly robust at its core, has had to deal with a few economic setbacks as of late. As many countries in the region know, when demand from China tapers off, their own economies tend to suffer as a result. While this doesn’t necessarily mean a decline in a need for the services Malay translators provide (or a drop in the need for Chinese translation services in relation to Malay), it will be interesting to see how changes in the ‘economic weather’ will play out in Malaysia, and in that nation’s connections to the rest of the business world.

  • Marketing Translation for Global Brand Building

    China Muscle FlexA brand’s value in today’s constantly changing world is proving to be more important than ever. Brand managers in many sectors are flexing muscle overseas to appeal to worldwide consumers and grow revenues. But they are quickly realizing their brands limitations without proper localization. The growing popularity of the digital buying process hence propelled marketing translation to play a vital role in online businesses.

  • Professional Legal Translation Helps Avoid Costly Mistakes

    Legal Translation RiskConsider that countries not native to your expanding business are likely to incubate privileges on the sly, utilizing translation mishaps to do so. Certain aspects of business are international—specifically, those concerning human nature! Possibility of such cultural exploitation makes it integral that a legal translation service not only be professional, accurate, and direct, but well-versed in the legal atmosphere of the country in question. Read more…