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  • Medical Device Translation: Professional Translation Service

    Professional Translation Service Handles Medical Device RegulationsOverregulation can often collide with growth and business goals in the medical device industry. This is why medical business translation services are key to tackling the red tape often coming with strict new device regulations in the European Union and beyond.

    An experienced professional translation service concentrating on the translation and localization requirements of new medical devices can help a firm beat out its slower-moving competition, while reducing some of the bureaucratic and economic pain new regulations can cause.

  • Pharmaceutical Translation Service: Evolution of Medicine

    Medical Translation Looking to the Past to Solve Today’s ProblemsMedieval medicine has a bad reputation in most circles (leeches, anyone?). But perhaps it shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and elsewhere believe the medical translation of medieval, or even older texts (written in Latin,  Middle English, ancient Chinese and other languages) might hold to key to how we should deal with some of the medical ailments of modern times. And this is a field of inquiry pharmaceutical translation services — and professionals interested in the translation of healthcare concepts from the past (to benefit the future) — ought to pay some attention to.

  • Translation Certifications, Are they Needed?

    Certified TranslationsWhen you work with quality translation services, you naturally expect the best. But why might you need the guarantee of translation certifications on top of all of that? The reasons stem from the often complicated business world we live in, and the fact that national and international regulatory bodies — including governments and business groups — often call for that extra “insurance” (coming in the form of a certification for translation) when working with and processing translated documents.

  • Translation Consistency and Quality

    Medical Document Translation Consistency Quality Want to keep track of medical document translation tweaks (at the in-country level) without sending your company’s “head” into a spin? Regardless if your business builds surgical devices, develops pharmaceuticals, or runs clinical trials overseas, the need to maintain regulatory compliance across international borders is something that can’t be ignored. Regulatory compliance requirements call for a medical translation agency capable of tracking source text, and requested changes and updates to that text, in an efficient and accurate manner.

  • Quality Medical Translation: Global Medical Device Market

    Global Medical Device MarketInnovations in medical technologies are moving at light speed, which is why cooperating with medical translation companies that work quickly, and efficiently, is essential as well. US translation companies like GlobalVision, offering medical and scientific translation services, make it their job to keep up with, and master the linguistic and technical challenges, and changes constantly churning out of the dynamic medical device industry.

  • Medical Translation Vendors Help Save Healthcare

    Medical Translations Save HealthcareWhile the U.S. congress considers to repeal and replace Obamacare, the new legislation should attempt to address the causes of spiraling healthcare costs or its effectiveness will be short lived. Medical translation services can play a significant role in reducing the costs of medical devices and treatments. Here is how…

  • Certified Medical Translation Services Assisting Medical Device Sales

    Mdeical Devices Translation ServicesWhen it comes to selling medical devices and pharmaceuticals, the amount of red tape a manufacturer has to go through to enter a particular market depends on the country the producer is trying to work with. Medical translation services can lend a lot of assistance to commercial operations trying to navigate the linguistic and legal complexities that arise when importing drugs and medical devices into a foreign country.

  • Healthcare Language Services and India’s Healthcare Growth

    healthcare translation services growthIndia, the birthplace of yoga, has an increasing growing population that needs more comprehensive healthcare. This presents many challenges, of course, as well as opportunities for companies seeking to provide more, and better medical services to India’s underserved healthcare clients. This means job openings for medical translation companies and healthcare enterprises in India, as well as foreign providers (drugs, healthcare technology, IT services, medical devices) looking to translate healthcare growth in India into worthwhile business partnerships that can help the private and public sectors alike.

  • Japanese Life Science Translations

    Japanese Life Science Translations Japan is renowned for its innovations in a variety of forward-looking fields, from advanced communication technologies to mind-blowing robotics. This holds true for the development of medical device technologies and pharmaceuticals. Advances in the life sciences hold the promise of a better, healthier life for millions upon millions of people around the globe — as well as a plenty of business opportunities for interested investors and entrepreneurs.

  • Quality Healthcare Translations Produce Better Lives

    Life science healthcare translationThe world of medical translations, big pharma, medical research, and the life sciences providing the backbone for the global healthcare industry, is enormous. And while the domestic and international healthcare industries are definitely not without their faults, they also do an incredible amount of good. Companies that offer life science translation services, and healthcare translations, contribute to this good by adding to the reach and potential of the medical sciences to alleviate suffering worldwide, by fostering greater linguistic access to important medicines and groundbreaking medical technologies.

  • Medical Software Translation & the Growth of Healthcare Localization

    Medical Translation Healthcare Software LocalizationWith rising economic powers like China and India investing in medical tech, not to mention the continued demand for healthcare software and technology research in Europe, Japan, North America and beyond, the growth of the medical software market in international healthcare is set to expand, which of course means a corresponding rise in medical translation jobs.

  • How to Translate Medical Terminology Effectively

    Medical Terminology for BrainTranslating medical terminology can be tricky, and requires a special combination of language fluency, medical knowledge, and translation capability. If your company is searching for a translation agency to help you tackle tough medical terminology translations (and medical translations in general), here are a few things you should do, and keep an eye out for…