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  • The Growing Need for Accurate Medical Translation

    Medical Translation NeedsAdvances in health and medicine have had a significant impact on the world, and the medical field as a whole. The last decade has seen the development and innovation of medicine in addition to technological devices that have improved medical procedures, and extended the lives of millions of people. Technology has transformed the health care industry and has offered ways of combating and dealing with numerous health related complications.

  • Medical Translation Jobs & the Growth of China’s Biotech

    China DragonsChina isn’t messing around when it comes to investing in the biotech sector, or pushing the frontiers of human knowledge. Regardless of the ebb and flow of domestic and foreign biotech and medical investment, not to mention a dizzying amount of international partnerships, Chinese translation services and translating companies will have a lot of work in, and coming out of China in the days, months and years to come!

  • Healthcare Translation Requirements – Brazil

    Healthcare TranslationRecently, in response to the devastating Zika outbreak in Brazil, the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency Anvisa joined the task force Zika Zero set up by the Federal Government for the National Day of Mobilization.  On Saturday Feb 13, 2016, they visited 2.8 million homes in 428 municipalities across the country. The aim was to mobilize the population for the prevention and combating of the Aedes mosquito specie, and identify its breeding sites.

  • Medical Translation Practices Help Combat Zika Virus

    Medical Translation Service Can Help Combat Zika Many people from across the globe have been worried due to the recent news of the Zika outbreak. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Zika virus has spread through both Central and South America and it is estimated that in 2016, 3 to 4 million people will be infected.

  • Chinese Medical Translations

    China map icon with a syringeOn November 23rd, 2015, the U.S. Department of Commerce released its Fact Sheet on the 26th U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade. The fact sheet spelled out great news for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries regarding regulatory requirements for entering the Chinese market.

  • Healthcare Software Localization for Medical Devices

    Robotic Surgery Today, software is ubiquitous. Companies in Life-Science industries have awakened to the benefits of incorporating software into their products to add features, make them configurable or facilitate their use. Since the Medical Device Directive from the European Community, 2007/47/EC, they’ve had to localize their software to be able to sell products in the EU.

  • Simultaneous Language Release of Medical Devices is Feasible

    Ophthalmology Medical Device
    Medical Devices take many years to get developed, debugged, perfected and approved by regulatory bodies around the world. Once approved, Medical Device manufacturers and their investors seek to capitalize on their investment by expediently entering as many markets as they can! Meet Simultaneous Releases!

  • Translate your Home-Use Medical Devices into Malay by July 2016

    Translate Medical Devices in MalayIn July 2013, a new mandatory medical device regulatory system came into effect in Malaysia. Manufacturers of medical devices who are planning to continue or start selling medical products in Malaysia should submit an application for medical device registration before June 30, 2016.

  • Translate Medical Devices for Mexico

    Mexico is the 4th largest user of Medical Device technology in the Americas. If it is a strategic target market for you, be careful; all medical devices must follow labeling requirement found in NOM-137-SSA1-2008! Labeling and instructions for use must be submitted in Spanish.