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  • Medical Software Translation & the Growth of Healthcare Localization

    Medical Translation Healthcare Software LocalizationWith rising economic powers like China and India investing in medical tech, not to mention the continued demand for healthcare software and technology research in Europe, Japan, North America and beyond, the growth of the medical software market in international healthcare is set to expand, which of course means a corresponding rise in medical translation jobs.

  • Life Science Software Localization Explosive Growth

    Software in HealthcareRecently, Accolade has raised close to $100M to revolutionize the way personal health data is electronically processed. GE is also offering a healthcare platform that will capture and serve medical information about the athletes competing in the Rio Olympic Games. A multitude of healthcare analytics software is being developed and offered in an effort to deal with highly rampant medical costs.

  • Language Localisation, Software Translation & Simultaneous Translations

    Software Translation, Language Localisation , Simultaneous TranslationsSoftware translation is an integral component of globalization since it allows those embedding software programs into their products to expand globally. Software translation enables applications to be translated into any natural language so that they can be used by consumers around the world. Software is prevalent in almost everything in our daily life, like our phones, modern appliances, automobiles… Software is ubiquitous. Applications with software are near infinite as new and old products are upgraded with software containing user interfaces. When software began being placed in automobiles, their consumption increased as Navigational GPS systems, blue tooth options, internet radio, weather warning and other internal car features became well-loved and very popular among many. Furthermore, autonomous cars seem to be in our immanent future. Advanced software will be driving these cars!

  • App Translation Service

    Pokémon GoApp Localization is the process of taking smart phone or mobile device applications and converting them for other locales which involve language translation, cultural adaptation and look and feel change when different geographies are involved. The Apps market is still expanding and localization is taking central stage in adding value. Take Nintendo’s “Pokemon Go” App which just launched on 4th of July, 2016. In less than 5 hours, the app, which has been made available in over 5 countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, just became the number one downloaded app in the App Store in the U.S. It was so popular that it shattered Clash Royal’s top grossing app record when it first launched on the App Store. Pokemon GO will grow more as the app is made available in more countries. What makes Pokemon Go so effective is its use of landmarks as bonus areas encouraging users to go outside and explore their own cities or towns. The use of varying locales in the game is brilliant, but makes the app harder to release internationally.

  • Mobile Apps Localization Services

    mobile app software localizationWith the development of faster and more efficient smart phones comes the ever increasing market of smart phone applications or “Apps” for short. Studies indicate that in 2015 the market for global mobile applications had reached $25 billion, a giant leap from the 6.8 billion dollar market 5 years prior according to The application industry is a low barrier to entry job market, which is evident as there are millions of proclaimed App developers in the world.

  • Audio Translation, Software Localization & Transcreation for Video Games

    Video Game TranslationsThe video game industry has been steadily growing every year since the late 70’s with games such as Tennis,  Tetris and Space Invaders, invading homes around the world! Research in 2015 estimated the current video games market at a whopping 91.5 billion dollars, roughly 3 times what the world spends on language services! Due to advances in computing technologies and video displays, more complicated plot lines and details can be incorporated into today’s games including graphical, video, music, text and audio components! Gone are the days where simple computer generated graphics are displayed and tunes played in loops. Players today enjoy a fully immersive experience with incredible visual and auditory stimuli. Developed by countless companies, with professional audio translation, transcreation and software localization, fully localized video games are enabling more gamers enjoy their intricate plots across the world. Their effect is nothing short of addictive!

  • Top Translation Companies to Help Pinterest Expand Internationally

    Translation Company on PinterestPinterest is having a difficult time growing its business internationally. Valued at $11 billion, the startup is one of the few prominent tech companies that was able to overcome the struggles of an unpredictable global economy. This accomplishment is impressive, considering that the business is only six years old. To cater to global markets, the startup opened offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and São Paulo.

  • Enjoy Video Games? Thank Simultaneous Translations!

    Simultaneous Translations of Games Global technological advances bring people together. In the world of gaming, players that literally span the planet can team up in a single multiplayer effort conducted during real time. Through innovations like this, cultures are steadily becoming more familiar with one another. As a result, international markets continue to grow; and perhaps this is the reason technology products like Sony’s Playstation franchise often come accompanied with simultaneous release dates in multiple countries.

  • eLearning Localization – 3 Case Studies

    eLearning TranslationAs the cost of education continues to skyrocket in the U.S., many in government and public sectors are looking for ways to lower these costs while maintaining and improving the value and quality of educational services. With the advent of broadband and lower costs of multimedia productions, eLearning content has exploded over the internet and is finding its way now worldwide. But in an effort to lower costs, don’t loose sight of what is important! Below are three companies that are pushing the boundaries of their products through eLearning localization services.

  • Nuances of Mandarin and Cantonese Translation

    Mandarin & Cantonese TranslationUntil very recently, China (中国) has been one of the fastest growing major economies in the world. Its large geographic size and population, are some of the factors that are attributed to its powerful global presence. Current statistics, estimate that China has a total population of over 1.37 billion people and China’s economy and population have prompted many companies to expand to the region in an effort to take advantage of the opportunities presented.