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  • Heed the Advice – Best practices before localization

    Localization adviceI received a call from a client last week informing me of their plans to upgrade their software to a new development environment that is internet enabled. Their concern was to eliminate quality issues that they faced during the last international release. They wanted to learn about the best practices of internationalization (i18n) to make future localization efforts go as smooth as possible.

  • Claim a Lane!

    Translation VendorI am in Lebanon this week and for those who have been here, you must recall Lebanon’s horrific traffic. Traffic problems are typically attributed to population explosion, increased appetite for cars, lack of public transportation and archaic infrastructure, all of which Lebanon suffers from. But also much of the misery is self-inflicted by the very bad driving habits (and manners) that Lebanese drivers are notorious for. It is unfortunate that these habits are major contributors to further chaos, serious accidents and frustrating traffic jams.

  • Flush Twice to Conserve Water!

    City of Two ContinentsRecently GlobalVision released the Window to the World program which enables our clients to reach 90% of their worldwide audience by translating a landing page into 12 languages. Turkish is one of the languages we recommend translating into as Turkey now, with a population of over 70 million strong, generates enough GDP revenue to be number 13 on the language list.

  • Technical Book Review of “Enabling Globalization”

    Ugur AkinciBy: Ugur Akinci, Technical Communication Center “Enabling Globalization: A Guide to Using Localization to Penetrate International Markets” by Nabil Freij, the President of the localization company GlobalVision International Inc. is a must reference for everyone thinking to market products and services globally.

  • MDD 2007/45/EC and software localization

    Spring is almost here and with it comes the deadline for medical device manufactures to conform to the new Medical Device Directive from the European Community, 2007/47/EC. Any medical device manufacturer selling products in Europe will have to consult with its notified body to learn of any impact the new directive will have on its products and to gain certification or obtain formal exemptions where qualified.

  • Agile Software Localization

    We were recently contacted by a client who asked the following:“We are reviewing our GUI localization plan for next release. We are thinking of creating an internal tool to provide us with a list and location of changed GUI strings in more frequent shorter intervals. We then could provide the changed string file to you and once it’s translated, get the translation back and include in the next build for reviewers. This process allows us multiple build and review cycles and earlier availability of final localized version for our users. Do you think providing you with smaller amount of string changes in approximately two-weeks intervals would be easier to get the translation done? How about the cost, is more frequent smaller work translates to less cost or more?”

  • Translation and Localization Process Audit

    Have you ever wondered how well you are doing with your translation and localization processes and if there are new technologies or methodologies that can help you deliver your international products faster, cheaper and better? With XML becoming a de facto standard in authoring, Translation Management Systems facilitating efficiency, quality and collaboration, and tight market […]