Software Localization

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  • Pseudo Translate before you Translate

    After succeeding in your local market, many will look at entering international markets, where localization of your software graphical user interface (GUI) may become a necessity. Often, a product localization group or a technical translation services group is tasked at this point with converting the application into other languages, including its GUI.

  • GlobalVision Expands its CAD Translation Business

    GlobalVision International, Inc. today announced that its partnership with SolidWorks Corporation, a renowned developer of mechanical design software solutions, allowed for the international release of SolidWorks 2000 in multiple languages. The Graphical User Interface, Help and Manuals were simultaneously released in nine Asian and European languages. The tight cooperation between SolidWorks’ internal localization group and GlobalVision made this complex release possible.

  • Translation Methodology

    Localization MethodologyIt is necessary to establish a localization methodology when creating international products, a strategy forged and followed in the partnership between SolidWorks Corp., a leading provider of mechanical CAD software tools on the Windows platforms, and GlobalVision International, Inc., a specialist in software localization and translation services.