Website Translation

  • Translate Website Content for China

    Want to reach deep inside China’s bustling consumer and tech-based markets? Of course you do. But before you hire a Mandarin translation service to localize your business website into regionally appropriate Chinese, it’s important that you realize that even Chinese companies localize for different parts of the country to effectively sell whatever it is that they have to offer. The ability to competently translate website content from English or French (or any other language) into Mandarin Chinese — with all of the corresponding technical issues involving file formats and Chinese fonts that work entails — is only the beginning.

  • 3 Tips for Reducing Website Translation Costs

    Reducing Website Translation CostsWhy not take a few cost-saving steps before diving into website translation and localization? When dealing with any web page, translate and build your online content in a smart manner. This way, your media translation service can reduce the amount of cumbersome (and unneeded) translations that need to be localized or updated, which will save your company money, while still delivering quality translated website content. Here are a few tips for keeping your website translation budget on target.

  • Website Localization Translation Services

    Investing in Professional Website Translation ServicesIf you want to localize, website translation services — and all of the localization skills they bring to bear — can really help a company tap into the power human translations provide, and the valuable local linguist knowledge human (as opposed to machine) translators bring to a translation project. This in turn lets a business dig deeper into difficult-to-reach markets, and speak to potential customers in a regional dialect they truly understand. Here are a few reasons why investing in professional website translation services is so important:

  • eLearning Spanish Translation

    eLearning Software and Website Spanish TranslationsEngaging in the technology business in Latin America? From Mexico (actually part of North America), and continuing south, the growth of eLearning platforms and streaming multimedia educational courses is transforming the way people, and governments, approach business and education. Professional English to Spanish translation, along with the need to translate software to Spanish for international eLearning courses, both have big roles to play in the economic future of the Caribbean and Latin America.

  • Local Content: Why Marketing Professionals Depend on it

    Solar Eclipse Totality-8-21-2017 Want to bring your brand with a wow factor to a diverse, wide-ranging audience? Localization is the key. Businesses and their marketing departments depend on the power of localized, branded content to increase brand awareness, and their local market presence. The thorn in their side is the fact that when working with a business translation service on localized business translations, they often don’t know how much money to budget for localization projects — or how to get the most translation “bang” for their marketing translation “bucks.”

  • International Search Engine Optimization Website Localization

    International Search Engine Optimization Website LocalizationWant to increase traffic to your multi-language websites on a global scale? If that’s the case, then you (or your translation service) really ought to pay attention to international search engine optimization (ISEO). After investing a lot of time, money and brainpower into website translation and website localization, it would be a heartbreaking shame if no one actually visited your professionally translated webpages. This is where ISEO can help.

  • User Experience Localization and Software Translation

    Software Translation and User Interface Localization ChallengesWhat’s the best way to handle software and websites with multi-language content, while still keeping your user interfaces and webpages glistening clean and fully functional? That’s one of the biggest questions almost any localization translation project tends to bring up. Confronting some of the trickier aspects of language translations for software — and the corresponding user interface localization questions — can be a daunting task (and the source of plenty of headaches), but it doesn’t have to be.

  • Web Page Translation Challenges

    Web Page Translation and Localization ChallengesThe need for continual webpage content updates seems speeding by like a NASA satellite zipping around the planet. If you want to keep your websites’ multiple language business content updated on a continual basis, you’ll need to work with a language translation company that understands the challenges that come with having to routinely update important web page translation materials.

  • Websites in Spanish: Marketing to North America’s Hispanic Communities

    Websites in Spanish If the commercial juggernaut believes marketing in Spanish to Hispanics born in the U.S. is a good idea, even though there has been some decline in the demand for Spanish-language media, odds are the company is following a plan based on a sound strategy. Multilingual, multimedia websites are the windows corporations use to peer into, and reach the “soul’ of their customers. And with Cinco de Mayo around the corner, we can’t help to wonder that if a customer would prefer to interact with a website in Spanish, regardless of where that person lives, or his or her family background, it might be a good idea to keep that option open.

  • Local vs. Global Translation Providers

    Local and Global TranslationsWith over a billion websites on the web, companies really need to invest in global translations and localization services to stand out. Just think about that: more than one billion websites (with unique hostnames) are up and running. That means your tech firm or IT service needs to distinguish itself from the competition any way it can. And a big part of getting your message out among all of the distractions offered up by the Internet is ensuring that the websites promoting your products and services are tailored for different audiences around the world. This is how translation and localization services can help your international business get ahead, and continue to grow.

  • Translation Collaboration Tools Fueling Website Globalization

    translation collaborationWhile immigration is a difficult topic these days in Europe, North America and beyond, with pundits landing on different sides of the metaphorical (and in some cases literal) fence regarding this complex issue, global languages and international commerce (in person and online) aren’t going anywhere. Double-digit growth, with estimates coming in the trillions for e-commerce retail sale growth by 2020, demonstrates how buying and advertising online will only continue to drive businesses domestically and abroad for years to come.

  • Website Localization Company Reaching Distant Corners of the Planet

    Website Localization ServiceWhen you want your company’s products or services to be seen by as many eyes as possible, website localization services are key to getting into big and small markets alike, on just about every corner of the planet imaginable. It’s also important to remember that when an IT, engineering, medical, pharmaceutical or any technology firm hires a service to translate sites, there are quite a few additional steps that can be taken to foster good international business. Translating the basic text, video or audio for multilingual webpages is only the beginning.