Website Translation

  • Translate Websites to Increase Global Market Share

    Translate WebsitesWhile English is still the global lingua franca, website globalization translation efforts focusing on other languages besides English (English is still a great place to start) is a surefire way to increase the number of eyes that find, and ultimately utilize a business’s carefully designed websites. Website globalization is also an incredible way to increase sales, ensure that a company’s messages and general brand awareness are reaching greater populations, and effectively help a venture grow into new markets — or expand its presence in already established markets by tapping into different demographics.

  • How a Spanish Website Can Add to Your Customer Base

    website in spanishWhile there will probably always be some kind of messy debate around immigration in the United States, anyone who is serious about doing business north of the Rio Grande should consider offering their customers a website in Spanish (if they haven’t done so already). A professional website translation, along with web localization can do wonders for a company’s American customer base. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why.

  • Website Page Translations Help Expanding Cities

    Web Page TranslationsIn this year of 2016, web pages have mostly become portals for others to communicate to one another. From product management to public spaces, web pages have become more personalized for a wider variety of people. Cities across America have begun creating community web pages in order to disseminate information, organize events, promote tourism and market real estate.

  • Spanish Website Translation Growing Needs

    Spanish Website TranslationOver the years, there has been a significant rise in the number of companies that are expanding their business globally.  This move has enabled many organizations including those based in the United States to reach many more consumers some of whom do not speak English as their first language, which is a good strategy considering that English is ranked as the third most spoken language in the world after Mandarin, which is ranked first and then Spanish. The Spanish language is prominent in the Americas and Europe, making it among the most common languages, being that it is spoken by approximately 405 million people. The large number of speakers makes Hispanics a good demographic for businesses to target for growth, which can be effectively achieved through Spanish website translation.

  • This Global Era Forces You to Translate Sites

    Translate sitesThe internet has presented many avenues and opportunities that savvy businesses have taken advantage of in a bid to grow, and to facilitate the delivery of their services to customers. In this day and age, individuals and companies use the internet not only to get or share information, but also to sell and purchase products and services. In the business world, information is crucial, but revenues are top priority! Most businesses have opted to set-up websites because it makes it easier for prospective clients to find them.

  • Website Translation in Drupal and WordPress

    Translate Websites FreedomWe are often contacted by clients that want to localize their websites with the request for translators to translate directly into the content management system. Unfamiliar with export features in their system, they copy and paste content or give us access to their servers to fetch their words. Whether you use WordPress or Drupal, your web CMS offers features to facilitate the translation process, but the path to multilingual site release can be frustrating if you don’t know what to look for.

  • Web Page Translation by Homo sapiens

    we page translation homo spiansWhen business people approach webpage translation, they often do so from a position that’s simple and straightforward — thinking that all the translator has to do is change the words, maybe adjust for some grammar differences between languages here and there, and voilà, the translation is done. Easy, right? Well, not so fast. There are a few pitfalls newbies to webpage translation can easily avoid if they understand a little about how languages (in general) and translation companies actually work. Here’s some advice that should help you out.

  • Top Translation Companies to Help Pinterest Expand Internationally

    Translation Company on PinterestPinterest is having a difficult time growing its business internationally. Valued at $11 billion, the startup is one of the few prominent tech companies that was able to overcome the struggles of an unpredictable global economy. This accomplishment is impressive, considering that the business is only six years old. To cater to global markets, the startup opened offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and São Paulo.

  • eLearning Localization – 3 Case Studies

    eLearning TranslationAs the cost of education continues to skyrocket in the U.S., many in government and public sectors are looking for ways to lower these costs while maintaining and improving the value and quality of educational services. With the advent of broadband and lower costs of multimedia productions, eLearning content has exploded over the internet and is finding its way now worldwide. But in an effort to lower costs, don’t loose sight of what is important! Below are three companies that are pushing the boundaries of their products through eLearning localization services.

  • Marketing Translation for Global Brand Building

    China Muscle FlexA brand’s value in today’s constantly changing world is proving to be more important than ever. Brand managers in many sectors are flexing muscle overseas to appeal to worldwide consumers and grow revenues. But they are quickly realizing their brands limitations without proper localization. The growing popularity of the digital buying process hence propelled marketing translation to play a vital role in online businesses.

  • Web Translation Services for eWallet Apps

    eWallet Apps: PayPal vs. Skrill Localization is an ongoing process requiring growing yearly budgets. When it comes to hiring a website translation service, many businesses take part in the process once and fail to revisit the service again when they need it. Establishments in fast-moving sectors, where rapid development and innovation is the norm, may require such service more often than they think. An example of this is the banking and payments industry.