Website Translation

  • Website Keyword Localization

    DNAAs more and more companies awake to the fact that the language of business is the language of the customer, they are undertaking the effort and expense to convert their products, websites and collateral into the languages most used by their prospects and clients.

  • AdWords Localization Benefits

    Bounce Rate Many companies today are using AdWords with Google or other search engines to promote their products, generate traffic for their websites and increase online transactions in form of sales or sales leads.

  • Successful Global eCommerce: Art or Science?

    Many pioneering companies have successfully implemented e-commerce solutions to either augment their existing sales channels, or as their sole sales channel. These companies are leaders in reaping the commercial benefits of the Web. As highly efficient revenues flow through their e-commerce channels, they look at expanding their global capabilities — particularly where traditional sales channels costs are prohibitive.