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  • Search Engine Optimize as You Translate Web Content

    nabil Freij translate web contentI recently had the privilege to participate in SCORE Business TV with Dennis Zink. Dennis is the host of the popular program and the Chair of the SCORE Manasota chapter. The episode was about Digital Marketing and SEO for non-techies. The intent is to educate small business owners and entrepreneurs about the benefits and value of digital marketing and SEO. These techniques apply when you translate web content into major commercial languages to generate traffic worldwide.

  • Translation Core Competency

    Translation Core CompetencyOne of the most grueling challenges to a budding corporation (or even an advanced business focused on expansion) involves the difference in natural language between nations. When on the path to internationalization, companies can hit a wall when trying to successfully communicate with consumers or business partners in countries that have a completely different system of linguistics. If translation is not one of your core competencies, read on…

  • Translation Services Near Me: Why is Location Important?

    Translation Services Near Me

    If there is any single phrase that summarizes the business world today, it’s this: content is king. Corporate and personal consumers alike are always on the hunt for helpful tips and information from experts.

    Translation services can allow you to distribute your content farther and reach a far larger customer base. The problem is that finding a great translation service is harder than it sounds.

    Here’s why you should say, “I’m looking for translation services near me.”

  • Best Translation Services: What Does it Entail?

    attributes of Best Translation ServicesWant to ensure that your business excels in the global market? Looking for human-powered translation services that offer professional and certified translation? As a business, the documents you distribute reflect on your company’s image and reputation.

    Conveying meaning in another language using the correct terms and style is complex. Hiring the best translation services will ease the process. As professionals, they are adept in different languages.

  • Corporate Translations: Meeting Translation Needs of International Companies

    corporate translations preserve company's imageTo stay ahead of your competition, your business must meet its communications needs with the strictest of ease. When dealing with global customers, you have to speak their language. There is no time for communication barriers.

    To improve communications with global consumers, hire corporate translation services. By doing so, you make it easier to align your mission and vision with your business goals. Also, it becomes easier for you to achieve global success.

  • Tech Predictions: AI and the Future of Translations Service

    AI and future or translations serviceThe outsourcing translations service industry in the U.S. is currently calculated in 2018 at a worth of just under $5 billion and $47 billion worldwide. And that number is bound to increase now that AI has entered the market. Investors are scrambling to get in on the industry’s profits. As are developers who want to create the next big thing in artificial intelligence.

  • Why English Spanish Translations Dominate in the Americas

    Alamo, English Spanish TranslationsWe’ve come a long way since the Alamo! Did you know that Spanish is spoken by more than 400 million native speakers? And 9 million second language learners? This makes it the second most widely natively spoken language on Earth after Mandarin Chinese. When doing business in the Americas, the intersection between Spanish and English shouldn’t be overlooked. Nations across Spanish-speaking Latin America rely on trade with English-dominant Canada and the U.S. And the reverse is also true.

  • English Chinese Translations, Speaking the Language of Business

    English Chinese Translation and competitionFrom 2000 to 2016, exports from China skyrocketed from $257 billion to $2.4 trillion. This exponential growth has cemented China’s role as the world’s number one exporter. And China’s economic future remains inextricably linked to globalization. As a result, Chinese has become the language of business for over a billion people. Your company would do well to speak it.

  • Why Your Business Needs to Have a Multilingual Content Management System

    Multilingual Content Management System80% of Internet users in 1996 were native English speakers. By 2010, only 27.3% spoke English as a first language. With this rapid rise in multilingual internet use, it’s now more important than ever to offer your website materials in a range of different languages. Not only will this help you to expand your business internationally, but it will also help to build customer loyalty.