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  • Digital Media Localization Strategies for China

    Digital Media Strategies for Localization Inside ChinaFinding sound strategies for localization inside of China — regardless if focusing on mobile apps, software, or text and media for web pages — is vital for any foreign business or startup searching for commercial success. By working with Chinese translation services that focus on app, software and website localization, companies can increase their chances of implementing a fruitful digital business strategy in China. The demand for an experienced translation localization team able to traverse the technical and regulatory complexities that come with a Chinese localization project is booming right now. According to forecasts taken from Statista’s Digital Economy Compass, this trend will only likely increase in the future, as China is set to overtake the U. S. as the world’s largest digital economy.

  • Translate English to Spanish for the USA: 7 Compelling Reasons

    Spanish Website Translation LocalizationThe Spanish language, as used in the day-to-day lives of many people living in the U.S., isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, Spanish, which is the second most common language on the planet (Mandarin Chinese is number one), is only set to grow. That simple fact, combined with the six compelling reasons below, which address why Spanish website translation shouldn’t be ignored domestically, ought to be more than enough to convince business managers and CEOs of the commercial and marketing benefits of implementing a Spanish website localization strategy in the U.S.

  • Four Steps to Safeguard Clinical Trial Medical Translations

    Medical Translation Services Supporting Foreign Clinical TrialsIt can be hard to keep track of all of the moving parts that go into building the medical translations needed for multinational clinical trials. So much depends on getting the trials, and the trial translations right, from the initial regulatory approvals for medical devices or cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, to the business plans behind the trials and the plans to eventually bring these products to market. Healthcare translation services working in the healthcare industry have to navigate all kinds of regulatory and document translation pitfalls to safeguard the quality of foreign medical research studies. Here are four simple steps to help your company get the most out of its multinational clinical trial medical translations.

  • Consistent High Translation Quality, On Budget and On Time, Survey Says

    Westborough, MA, January 19, 2018 – GlobalVision International, Inc., a leading provider of Technical Translation services specializing in IT translations, medical translationsoftware localizationwebsite globalizationmarketing translationeLearning Translationmultimedia, audio and video translation and transcreation, announces the results of its 19th annual customer satisfaction survey.

  • Multimedia Translation Services

    Media and Voice Translation ProcessThe digital age has brought with it an explosion of media productions of audiovisual multimedia assets. While in the past advertising and training options where limited to the school rooms, books, newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio and TV, nowadays, a very large portion of media budgets have moved to digital mediums, like websites and social media. Translation of these assets is inevitable if your target market crosses local borders.

  • Working with Medical Translation Agencies in the U.S.A

    The Language of Business is the Language of the CustomerHealthcare is a thorny issue for many people in and out of government. And despite the political battles over who should ultimately pay for healthcare, there’s no denying the fact that the U.S. is an immigrant nation full of men, women and children from all over the planet who’ll need access to different kinds of healthcare services at some point in their lives. This fundamental fact means many healthcare professionals will have to work with a medical translation service at some point in their careers, offering the translation of healthcare information to people struggling with the English language. Here are a few examples and reasons why medical translation partnerships can benefit the healthcare community, and the people it serves.

  • Translate Website Content for China

    Want to reach deep inside China’s bustling consumer and tech-based markets? Of course you do. But before you hire a Mandarin translation service to localize your business website into regionally appropriate Chinese, it’s important that you realize that even Chinese companies localize for different parts of the country to effectively sell whatever it is that they have to offer. The ability to competently translate website content from English or French (or any other language) into Mandarin Chinese — with all of the corresponding technical issues involving file formats and Chinese fonts that work entails — is only the beginning.

  • Financial Documents Translation: Must haves

    Financial Translation ServicesNeed to navigate the world of international business and finance? If that’s the case, you’ll need to look into financial translation services. And to do so successfully, you’ll need to know a thing or two about how financial translation works, and how localization and translation increasingly drive the complicated web of financial and regulatory machinery running today’s global economy.

  • Simultaneous Release in Multiple Languages

    Simultaneous Release of Timely Reports in Multiple LanguagesRecently I received a call from a prominent consulting company asking me if I can help them reduce their time gap between the release of research documents written in English and their translated versions. These documents were typically 100 page long and presented in English, but also provided to the client in printed formats translated into the client’s native language. The content in these documents is very time sensitive and delays in translation are causing problems.

  • 3 Tips for Reducing Website Translation Costs

    Reducing Website Translation CostsWhy not take a few cost-saving steps before diving into website translation and localization? When dealing with any web page, translate and build your online content in a smart manner. This way, your media translation service can reduce the amount of cumbersome (and unneeded) translations that need to be localized or updated, which will save your company money, while still delivering quality translated website content. Here are a few tips for keeping your website translation budget on target.

  • Multimedia Localization Value

    Media Translation Video LocalizationMultimedia content is king in our multimedia world. This is why any company using video (and of course the corresponding audio) as part of its international media and marketing strategy needs to take a hard look at video localization, and the value (increased traffic and click-through rates) video translation services bring to the table.