Healthcare Product Localization Webinar

Healthcare translation services case studies

  • Healthcare and medical documents translation could be challenging due to the constant regulatory requirement changes in each country and the importance of the information they carry. Hence, GlobalVision, an innovative provider of medical and healthcare translation services, has prepared a must-attend webinar about Healthcare Product Localization.

    What will you learn:

    • Healthcare product localization best practices. Learn from the experts how to convert your product into other languages. 
    • The benefits of a streamlined translation process. Why long term costs savings is much more important than lower per word translation rates.
    • How to implement and manage the In-Country Review (ICR) process. Getting your in-country staff buy-in is critical to your success internationally! 
    • How to communicate unique international requirements to your language services provider (LSP). Each country may have its special product elements, features and needs. Learn how to properly communicate them through the translation process.
    • What to expect and how to collaborate with a professional LSP. The right partner will stay with you forever and help you achieve brilliant success…

    Having difficulty getting international regulatory bodies approval for releasing your medical products in key geographical markets? Attend this free webinar and learn from our many experiences in working with Medical Device, Pharma, Patient Recruiting and healthcare companies.

    Healthcare Translation Services:

    This webinar is built using 5 case studies of actual projects implemented for our clients and how we adapted our processes and workflows to meet their very specific healthcare industry needs!

    Don’t wait any longer, take 15 minutes to attend this webinar. A recorded session is available, if you can’t join any of the weekly offered sessions! Make sure you tell your product managers, technical writers and translation and localization team about it!


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    Alternatively, you can request the free whitepaper 5 Case Studies in Medical Translation and Localization.