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When you operate in the healthcare industry, the chief concern while considering hiring translation services is competence! The cost of quality is easily justified when considering the ethical and liability ramifications of a substandard job.

Many of our healthcare clients come to us after a rejection by regulatory bodies. The rejection is typically due to failure generated by inaccurate translations. Often, this results is sever schedule slips in product releases, causing serious impact on company revenue expectations. 

To do translation correctly, your vendor should exceed quality standards and meet regulation requirements. If you’ve experienced similar problems with current or past translation service providers, you’ve come to the right place!

Translation Process

Our proven human-based translation process is tested and ISO certified. It leverages the latest technologies to establish a workflow that meets the needs of your internal and external regulatory groups. It also offers significant savings in time and money.

The translation workflow consequently permits the inclusion of all required tasks including translation, review, proof, back-translation, approvals and publishing.

All our projects are managed in an online Translation Management System that is transparent and accessible to our clients 24/7. It also enables in-country reviewers to view and edit content online before completing work.

All projects use translation memory technology. Translators leverage human-based translations and store them in databases for later reuse. This minimizes translation costs and turn-around times. It also enables consistency and accuracy in the translation.

We built our translation process from the ground-up to be ISO-9001 compliant. It therefore ensures correct implementation of the quality management system.

Talk to us and we will show you the difference that our team and technology can bring to fruition. We will demonstrably contribute to your international expansion and success!

Supported Languages

Our healthcare translation services process is language-blind. We have executed translation projects for the healthcare industry in over 40 languages. They include European, Asian, Middle-Eastern and American languages. We hence support all language you use, or will be using, to conduct commerce around the world.


Back-translation is a process of further validating the accuracy of the translation. It is where yet another translator translates the target language back into the source language. He or she performs this task without the benefit of seeing the original source, i.e., a blind procedure. We then align the source document with the back-translated source and deliver it to you in a side-by-side format. This helps for your comparison or for filing with regulatory bodies.

Certificate of Accuracy

When requested, we provide a certificate of accuracy. It will detail the project name, the source and target languages, the date, the client and other important facts about the project. Unlike many other vendors, our certificates are free of charge. They also do not include a disclaimer holding us irresponsible for the outcome of the translation!

Errors & Omissions Insurance

We hold an errors & omissions insurance policy for $1M. But, GlobalVision never had a claim filed against it since its founding in 1996! The insurance however is there for added peace of mind to our clients!

  • Briefly about GlobalVision

    • 20+ years of experience in Translation and Localization
    • Performed thousands of projects for the Healthcare industry
    • Handpicked 350+ native, subject matter expert translators
    • Project Managers that understand the requirements of Regulatory Bodies
    • 100+ languages supported from & into English
  • 97+% 1st Time Success Rate

    According to the latest customer satisfaction survey results

    • 98% said that the quality met their needs
    • 99% said that projects were delivered on or ahead of schedule
    • 99% said that the budget was met
  • ISO 9001 Certified

    GlobalVision’s processes are built from the ground up to conform with ISO requirements. Our clients enjoy peace of mind entrusting us with their projects’ budgets, quality and schedules!

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Clients’ Testimonials

Sanovaworks Healthcare

Working with GlobalVision is always an easy decision. Not only is the GlobalVision team seamless and a pleasure to team-up with, but their work is always thorough, accurate, and we trust their final product. GlobalVision has always been very flexible with our sometimes-demanding timelines, and they are very fair with their price. When we started to work with GlobalVision, what attracted us the most was how they not only could translate our articles, but they could also lay them out in InDesign.

Though this may seem like a standard task, you must understand that not every company can tackle this—we found that often companies did not have the version of Creative Suite that was compatible with our own. It can get really messy with plug-ins and conversions. However, GlobalVision is completely equipped and we are so grateful for that. Their great attitude, work ability, and open communication makes them the full package.” Read full success story. SanovaWorks – New York, NY.

biomerica logo

We are very impressed with GlobalVision’s professional approach to localization. Our product-update localization efforts and costs have gone down by as much as 30%.” Biomerica – Newport, CA

Customer Success Stories

Center for Aids Research

I work in the field of HIV care, with a culturally and linguistically diverse population, across multiple sites. Our need for high-quality translation services with a quick turn-around time is great, as we use GlobalVision’s services to translate patient health questionnaires, which help us understand our patients’ health needs prior to their appointments. I have worked with several translation agencies before discovering GlobalVision, and I can attest that GlobalVision’s quality of customer service is unparalleled. Their response times to our inquiries, whether by phone or email, are the fastest in the business. When we have internally evaluated their work, we have found its quality to be consistently excellent. Because of this, GlobalVision plays a very important role in helping us communicate with our non-English-speaking patients.” Center for Aids Research -University of Washington

Zeiss Vision Logo

“… On a different note, I just went onto your website.  Feel free to list our company as one of your happy clients, as we are very pleased with your work so far.” Zeiss Vision– Ontario, Canada

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