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Translation and localization ServicesProfessional Translation & Localization Services

Experienced executives justify the cost of quality by its dividends: fewer support calls, wider product use, and satisfied clients. Many of our clients use our translation and localization services after a failure in the translation process had cost them schedule slips, lost business and frustrated clients. It does not have to happen to you!

Getting translation done correctly means abiding to quality standards. And it is not an option but a must for serious players in technical industries. If you’ve experienced such problems with current or past translation service providers, you’ve landed in the right place!

Furthermore, with the ongoing digital transformation of many international companies, CEOs and CMOs are taking advantage of translation and localization services to expand their multilingual digital content online. They are in a race to dominate search engines and build effective multinational inbound marketing strategies. Would you want to be left behind them?

  • Briefly about GlobalVision

    • 20+ years of experience offering Translation and Localization services
    • 350+ native, subject matter expert translators
    • Technical dedicated & responsive Project Managers
    • Support of 100+ languages from & into English
  • 97+% 1st Time Success Rate

    According to the latest customer satisfaction survey results

    • 98% said that the quality met their needs
    • 99% said that projects were delivered on or ahead of schedule
    • 99% said that the budget was met
  • ISO 9001 Certified

    GlobalVision’s processes are built from the ground up to conform with ISO requirements.

    Our clients enjoy peace of mind entrusting us with their projects’ budgets, quality and schedules!

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Our Translation and Localization Service Extend Into

Translation and Localization Process

Document TranslationOur proven translation process leverages the latest technologies in translation saving you time and money.

Our online Translation Management System manages all our projects in a transparent and accessible way to our clients 24/7. At any time, day or night, you can initiate a translation project enabling our project managers around the world to start your translation project immediately after initiation.

Our process leverages translation memory technology on all projects storing human translations in databases for later reuse. Subsequently, this minimizes translation costs and turn-around times. It also enables consistency and accuracy in the translation.

Translation of the majority of the files is done on their native file formats. This removes the need to extract text, then import their translations, exposing them to human errors and formatting corruption.

Talk to us about our translation and localization services. We will show you the difference that our team can bring to your international expansion and success!

Industries we Service

The majority of our clients come from highly technical industries in Healthcare, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Life-Sciences, Engineering, Electronic, Information Technology, Computer, Optical, Mechanical, Power, Software, CAD/CAM, Diagnostic, Test and Measurement, Defense and Energy.

But we are also capable of handling all business translation requirements including Financial, Legal, Marketing, Web, Human Resources, Real-Estate, Media, Audio, Video, Flash and Multimedia related projects…

Languages we Support

Our translation and localization services process is language-blind. In addition to Latin character based languages like English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish, Dutch…, it supports non-Latin character languages including double-byte characters for Asian languages like Japanese, Chinese and Korean, bi-directional languages like Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Hebrew, Cyrillic based languages like Russian and Bulgarian, Greek, South Asian languages like Hindi and Malay, and any other languages that you may need while conducting your business. If it is a commercially used language, we support it!

Clients’ Testimonials

Actifio“When I needed to get an Adobe FrameMaker API reference manual translated into Japanese, I had enough experience with L10N to know that it could become an expensive, time-sucking swamp if not managed properly. I interviewed a couple of translation companies, and GlobalVision emerged as the best partner for my needs. They were open and honest about what needed to be done, how long it would take, and how much it would cost. Other translation vendors had better prices that vanished when required to compare “apples to apples”.”  Actifio – Waltham, MA

NWLOver the many years that NWL has been doing business with GlobalVision we have never been disappointed with the translations done by GlobalVision and the professionalism that your personnel has afforded us. We just received the highest compliment form one of our client in Eastern Europe: ‘The translation done by your Translation Company is better than what we could do ourselves’. Therefore we continue to recommend GlobalVision to our customers for translation services without hesitation!” NWL – Bordentown, NJ

Zeiss Vision
“… On a different note, I just went onto your website.  Feel free to list our company as one of your happy clients, as we are very pleased with your work so far.” Zeiss Vision – Ontario, Canada

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The Difference in our Translation & Localization Services

With over twenty years of experience in our industry, we have learned how to solve some of the most difficult technical and language problems our clients are facing. Our blog GlobalEyes has a wealth of articles on how we achieved that. Read some of our posts, learn about localization benefits and do get in touch with us today!

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