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Wordbee is GlobalVision’s online translation management system, hosting and facilitating localization and translation projects for all stakeholders.

It gives users secure 24/7 access to project information and assets via a simple web browser and requires no software or administrative tasks from its users.

It offers transparency to our clients so they can see translation and localization project activities and monitor progress. The process is no longer a mysterious black box.

Wordbee is Free of Charge to All GlobalVision Clients and Suppliers

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Since 2008, Wordbee offers an advanced localization platform. The combination of traditional linguistic toolsets (CAT), workflow and project management capabilities is delivered via the latest web technology – enabling better control of the translation process, maximizing efficiency and vastly improving communication across all the translation project stakeholders.

With Wordbee, we can speed the translation process and more easily share information driving increased transparency, quality and improved bottom-line results. This is what this collaborative translation platform offers:

  • Translation environment: Wordbee’s intuitive translation environment reduces friction, time and risks within the translation process. Quality and consistency are improved via a unified interface, through which all content is managed from source to translation and review, and future updates.
  • Collaboration: bring together the entire translation team to collaboratively translate, edit and revise content – all in one easy to use web interface.
  • Ease of implementation: this factor is hugely important to any technology implementation, and often overlooked when comparing a technology’s bells and whistles. In terms of approachability and implementation – Wordbee is unmatched in the translation technology
    marketplace. You can literally start using Wordbee in your production environment the same day you receive your credentials.
  • Project management: create and initiate orders online 24/7/365.
  • Accounting: Track and manage your projects deadlines, quotes, budgets and invoices online.
  • Security: Wordbee has https encryption to maintain the privacy of your content at each step of the translation process.
  • Peace of mind: With a daily backup and dedicated databases for each client content, you can rest assured that your intellectual property is safe and secure at all times.