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We Guarantee Meeting Your Budget, Schedule and Quality Requirements

document translation ServiceAs a professional translation company, GlobalVision provides a document translation service to a wide range of industries. These industries involve some of the most technical subjects like robotics, medical devices, information technology, aerospace and engineering.

But we also support other common industries in the areas of business, human resources, insurance, law, utilities, media, education… Our document translation process can accommodate all subjects and languages.

Meeting Budget and Schedule

With documents needing translation at hand, we can guarantee staying on budget. This is possible since we can account for every word to translate, every image to recapture and every page to reformat before the project starts. Our advanced tools create a full spec of the requirements, which is used to generate a quote. Unless your requirements change after the translation project starts, you are guaranteed that we will honor our quote.

Once we have a full spec of the requirements, we can allocate the necessary resources to get the required tasks completed within the required time frame. Translation is usually the gating factor in the process. To ameliorate delivery schedule, we can assign multiple translators to work simultaneously on translating your documents. We insure consistency and quality, they perform their translations in a collaborative portal overseen by a reviewer that will ensure that everyone is conforming to approved writing style and glossaries.

By offering guaranteed turnaround time and budgets, we enable our clients to better plan their international releases and rollouts. Hence, not worrying about delays introduced during translation or localization.

Meeting Quality Requirements

What is more important than meeting schedules and budgets is meeting your quality requirements! With translation, it is easy to satisfy an unsuspecting client without satisfying the end-user.

At GlobalVision, we will not rest till your end users are thrilled. Their satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We do that by offering a second cycle of changes to the translated files at no additional cost, after your in-country staff reviews the translated text and relate any feedback.

We take that feedback to heart, fold it into your translated documents, modify the writing style guide or glossary database as needed and enter the changes into the translation database. By doing so, the requested changes will propagate in future updates of your manuals’ translations.

Our team believes that their work is ordered for a purpose. And that purpose is to ensure your end-users’ language needs and satisfaction on the current project and beyond!

Complex Document Translation Projects

Our project managers and translators are ready to take on the most complex document translation and localization projects. They are fully trained on utilizing the latest technologies and most advanced and streamlined processes to help you achieve the highest quality translation on budget and schedule. Our document translation service expertise extends into the following areas:

  • Technical Translation Services: User Guides, Tutorials, Instructional Manuals, Online Help, Technical Datasheets, Engineering Specifications Files, Diagrams & CAD files, Manufacturing Documents…
  • Business Translation ServicesFinancial Statements, Credit Reports, Balance Sheets, Prospectuses, Equity Research, Legal Contracts, Law Documents, Patents, Contractual Matters…
  • Document Translation Services: Handbooks, Press Releases, Surveys, Marketing Brochures & Catalogs, White Papers, Datasheets, PowerPoint Presentations, Websites…
  • Formatting Services: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, PDF, QuarkXPress, Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator…
  • Certificate of Accuracy: Available upon request at no charge!

Our proven translation process leverages the latest technologies in translation saving you time and money. Talk to us and we will show you the difference that our team can bring to your international expansion and success!

  • Briefly about GlobalVision

    Language Translation Company with:

    • 20+ years of experience in Translation, Software Localization and Internationalization
    • 350+ native, subject matter translators
    • Professional, dedicated and responsive Project Managers
    • 100+ languages supported
  • 97+% First Time Success Rate

    According to the latest customer satisfaction survey results

    • 98% said that the quality met their needs
    • 99% said that projects were delivered on or ahead of schedule
    • 99% said that the budget was met
  • ISO 9001 Certified

    GlobalVision’s processes are built from the ground up to conform with ISO requirements.

    This gives our clients the full transparency  and the peace of mind while trusting us with their projects’ budgets, quality requirements and release schedules!

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Clients’ Testimonials

Jarden opens in a new window“Translation is often a very difficult and challenging endeavor. I believe that GlobalVision always takes on the task with a high degree of initiative, thoroughness and professionalism. Importantly, the company takes the time to flesh out and resolve issues which may arise during the translation process. In my case, GlobalVision went so far as to recommend an entire procedure for the translation process.” Jarden Consumer Solutions – Miami, FL

3“Thank you GlobalVision for the excellent translation service performed on our book and support documents. You have provided timely and high-value translation services. It was a pleasure dealing with you and can confidently recommend GlobalVision as a solid and reliable supplier, and expert in the field.” 3Circle Partners – Marysville, OH


“We had a great experience working with Global Vision for one of our new brand. They are very professional
with the 
translation although we’re from a niche industry. They also managed to meet all our expectation and most importantly, dateline. We are also very satisfied with the timely response from their sales team although there’s difference in our time zone. We will definitely choose Global Vision again for our future translation project. Good job!” Cranberry (M) Sdn. Bhd. – Ipoh, Malaysia

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