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  • 7 Mistakes in eLearning Translation
  • 10 Tips to Advance Your Global Web Presence
  • 10 Ways to Reduce Translation Costs
  • How to Plan and Budget for Localization Projects?
  • 10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Translation
  • Going Global on a Shoestring?
  • 5 Case Studies in Medical Translation & Localization
  • Search Engine Geo-Optimization
  • Translation Management System Benefits
  • Does Your Product “Speak” Your Client’s Language?

Healthcare Product Localization Webinar

  1. Healthcare product localization best practices
  2. How to implement and manage the In-Country Review (ICR) process
  3. How to communicate unique international requirements to your language services provider (LSP)Regsiter to Webinar opens in a new window
  4. What to expect and how to collaborate with a professional LSP

Taking your Website Global Webinar opens in a new window

  1. How to tackle the global market efficiently and effectively
  2. Challenges in developing and maintaining international websites
  3. Processes to deal with changing business requirements
  4. The benefits of a streamlined translation process

Enabling Globalization eBook opens in a new windowEnabling Globalization eBook

A Guide to Using Localization to Penetrate International Markets.
Here you will find the practical advice you need to start on your way and follow through to a successful finish.