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Healthcare Product Localization Webinar

Is your company preparing to commercialize your healthcare product abroad? When it comes to medical documents translation, variations in procedures can make localization a daunting task for any medical-device manufacturer and for medical software solutions.

Learn the pitfalls that medical translation services encounter through these five case studies and prepare yourself to overcome them.

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Taking Your Website Global

Today, more than a third of internet users are from Asia and a quarter are from Europe. Over 75% of internet users have a non-English native language. However, non-English language web content has not kept pace with international user growth, creating an opportunity. Companies that take advantage of this void can reach their global audience efficiently and generate worldwide leads to grow their international business.

Learn how to build a global website, how to maintain it and how to search-engine optimize it.

Also learn how to save money on global advertising campaigns by paying very close attention to your international keywords. Hint: Transcreation plays a major role!

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How Translation is Done?

Localization and translation services fuse art and science together by bringing the right people, process and technology together. Translation is a form of Art. Doing it correctly requires creative writing skills.

Translation Memory (TM) tools and Translation Management Systems (TMS) are the Science that facilitate process, workflow, communication and collaboration. But these tools have to work flawlessly together and with the translator for them to be effective.

Translation done correctly requires a delicate balance of people, technology and process.

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