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World class Software Localization Services

Specialized, highly technical, and professional translations into all commercial languages

Software Localization Services

We at GlobalVision are leaders in providing software localization services. Engineers involved in software development across all platforms founded the company over 20 years ago.

GlobalVision has localized hundreds of software applications including:

  • IT applications, Medical Software, Engineering Software, Business Solutions and CAE/CAD/CAM applications
  • GUI Localization
  • Double-byte (Asian Languages Localization) and bidirectional support (Arabic Localization)
  • Mobile Applications Localization
  • Web-Enabled Apps and Websites with Global SEO 

Subject matter experts who are native translators and have wide experience, and highly successful records in the field are in charge of each industry and language. Our project managers are highly technical. We train them to meet all your technical localization needs. They will completely thrill you with our quality and service level. We guarantee it!

  • Briefly about GlobalVision

    Translation and Software Localization Services company with:

    • 20+ years of experience in Translation, Localization and Internationalization servicing high tech clients
    • 350+ native, subject matter translators, hand-picked and trained on the use of the latest computer aided tools
    • Professional, dedicated and responsive Project Managers, most are engineers that understand localization
    • 100+ languages supported in all commercially used character sets including double-byte and bidirectional
    • Complete understanding of language encoding practices including Unicode and other standards
    • Outstanding abilities in separating the code from the language and fusing them back together
  • 97+% First Time Success Rate

    Every year we poll all our clients about their satisfaction levels regarding our ability to meet their Quality, Budget and Schedule expectations. Results are always very positive. According to the latest customer satisfaction survey results, here is what they said:

    • 100% said that the quality met their needs
    • 98% said that projects were delivered on or ahead of schedule
    • 99% confirmed that the budget was met
    • 100% said that the dedicated project manager contacted them promptly after the project was approved
    • All said that their phone calls and emails were returned in a timely manner
    • 100% confirmed that GlobalVision set project details and expectations correctly at the beginning of the project
  • ISO 9001 Certified

    At GlobalVision, we build processes from the ground up to conform with ISO requirements. Therefore giving our clients full transparency and peace of mind while trusting us with their projects’ budgets, quality requirements and release schedules.

    Our processes incorporate the use of the most sophisticated technologies in the areas of Translation Management Systems, pseudo-translation,Translation Memory, Terminology management, Query management and knowledge bases keeping us in the forefront in handling the most demanding software localization projects for our very demanding high tech clients.

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Streamlined Localization Strategies

The software localization strategies that we employ at GlobalVision meet the most strenuous simultaneous releases and time-to-market requirements. Therefore this enables our high tech clients to execute international roll-outs of their products worldwide without making any quality or other compromises. In return, this streamlines their international releases and fully satisfies all their clients, local and global.

Clients’ Testimonials


“When I needed to get an Adobe FrameMaker API reference manual translated into Japanese, I had enough experience with L10N to know that it could become an expensive, time-sucking swamp if not managed properly. I interviewed a couple of translation companies, and GlobalVision emerged as the best partner for my needs. They were open and honest about what needed to be done, how long it would take, and how much it would cost. Other translation vendors had better prices that vanished when required to compare “apples to apples”.

The project went smoothly, and our project manager stayed on top of everything. I even went on a long-scheduled vacation for two weeks in the middle! In the end, our Japanese sales and services team was extremely happy with the quality and appearance of the translated content, I was equally happy with the project management and guidance, and my boss was happy with the price and that GlobalVision and I handled the entire project without needing his attention!” Read full success story here.


“We started out working with GlobalVision a few years ago on a project to translate our mobile workforce solution, 20/20 Delivery, into German. AirVersent had had little experience with software localization to date, but GlobalVision made the process much easier than we expected. There was great communication and responsiveness from the outset, and they were very thorough with a fast turnaround.”

Customer Success Story


“We localize DYMO Software into 16 languages, ranging from Chinese, to Czech, Polish and Hungarian as well as all Central European languages. After about five years working with a European-based company for localization we felt we needed to look elsewhere. Our initial project with GlobalVision was the localization of software and associated documentation into Traditional and Simplified Chinese. They were able to provide both languages at a competitive cost, on time, and with fewer problems than what we had experienced before.

Since then, we moved all localization to GlobalVision and we couldn’t be happier. While GlobalVision has provided excellent translation work for us, they also have very strong project management that allows them to meet their commitments on cost and delivery. Additionally, while Trados is a standard tool for localization, they understand it and make full use of it. This has allowed us to save money on localization and new product introductions by reusing previously localized sections of user manuals, help files and software UI’s.

Lastly, coming at the end of a long bit of product development, localization is often done with tremendous time pressures and external stresses. Throughout such trying times, GlobalVision personnel have bent over backwards to see that our needs are met. This professionalism has earned them a very important position as part of DYMO’s extended enterprise.”

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