Localization Solutions

Localization Strategies that Work!

Localization Solutions

Flexible and Scalable

If your company has a global vision, having an efficient and effective localization solution in place is paramount. If your company doesn’t have localization and translation as a core competency, you should outsource to a company that does.

GlobalVision offers three software localization strategies to its clients:

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  1. Over-the-wall, best used in market evaluation
  2. Coupled, best used in market validation
  3. Integrated, best used in market penetration

Each strategy offers you varying degrees of value, depending on your strategic plans, time-to-market requirements and budget. These solutions permit flexibility in planning, scheduling, resource allocation and implementation frequency.

For more information about the software translation and localization strategies we can implement for you, read Your Localization Strategy Should Evolve With Your Needs.

Working with GlobalVision, you have the ability to reduce fixed costs and control long-term commitments. Market conditions, not your resource infrastructure, will then drive your requirements.

Your Intellectual Property

At GlobalVision, there are no fine lines in our contracts that would strip away your rights to ownership of your localized product, or your translation memories and databases. Everything you pay us to do is yours to keep. You hire us to perform the translation and localization for you, so you own it. It is your hard-earned intellectual property, no one else’s! You keep full control, locally and internationally, over who markets, sells, distributes, supports and localizes your product.

Quality Assurance

Software localization may not be your core competency, but it is definitely not your VARs’, distributors’ or sales staffs’. You hire them to sell for you, not to develop your product. Localization is our job.

Our Quality Assurance staff has only one objective in mind: delivering a localized product that your end-user will be thrilled to use. Nothing more, nothing less.

Service Guarantee

While our competition aims to please you, we work to please your end-users. After all, you are localizing your products for them. We continue to tune and adapt our work until it conforms to their needs. We do this by building quality into our localization process with:

  • Consistent terminology use between software and documents, guaranteed with the use of translation memories and terminology databases
  • Work product double-checked by a second translator
  • ISO9001 Quality Management System certified
  • Electronic delivery of translation memory, source, and final files
  • Consistent and complete localization methodology and process

In addition, GlobalVision offers a free cycle of changes after your in-country proofreaders have reviewed and offered comments on the efforts undertaken. Our localized products are guaranteed to satisfy your end-users.

Working with GlobalVision, you get results quickly and efficiently with minimal hassles to you and your staff. You can feel comfortable taking that vacation you always wanted to take after your product is released!

Why Choose GlobalVision?

To put it simply, experience! We are professional project managers, subject-matter-expert linguists, voice talents, typesetters and engineers. We’ve been performing top quality translation, transcration, localization, voice-over and typesetting for 20+ years. We can separate art (language) from science (format and code) and then fuse them together seamlessly and efficiently. This allows your words to be meaningful and presentable in all languages. Our quality and customer service are second to none in the industry with 97+% first time success rate and 100% client satisfaction. We have the data to prove it!