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Subject Knowledge Translation

The key to quality translation is understanding the source language. This is why humans continue to produce the best quality translation. But not all humans are capable of handling all subjects. Subject matter experts (SMEs) are therefore needed to handle specialized topics. Hence the need for subject knowledge translators.

High tech industries are notorious for producing complex products and content. One of our clients marries robotics, optics, video, computers, software and medical procedures to design and produce surgical equipment that help doctors operate on patients with minimal incisions. Translators have to be experts in many technical fields to do justice to the international surgeons who will use their sophisticated million dollar equipment.

Below are the industries to whom we often perform professional translation services.

  • HealthcareLife Sciences / Medical

    Our Medical Translation Services and expertise extend into:

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    Education / Training

    GlobalVision’s translation areas of expertise include more than two decades enabling companies reach foreign language speakers with their training and educational messages.

    Our Subject Matter Expert translators will be happy to assist you in translating the following:

    Our team is also specialized in converting Articulate Storyline opens in a new window assets that include multimedia content like graphics, voice, text, video, music, etc. We can deal with all the voiceover, syncing and editing requirements to generate flawless content in any language. 

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    Engineering / Manufacturing / Telecom

    Engineering, manufacturing and telecom translation expertise extends into:

    • Operating Manuals
    • Safety manuals
    • Installation Manuals
    • Training material
    • Drawings
    • Patents & Intellectual Property
    • Technical Reports
    • Proposals
    • CAD Drawings and other engineering specifications documents
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    Defense / Aerospace

    We understand the complexity in communicating engineering concepts and terminology. We also understand clearly your need for security compliance and assurance. If your project is required to be controlled by ITAR then we are prepared to support this. If you need U.S. Citizen Translators, on U.S. soil, with the right language skills and subject-matter expertise, we’ll make it happen. Your data will be securely managed entirely via our U.S. Corporate Headquarters near Boston Massachusetts. We will also involve native SME translators.

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  • Marketing / Sales / Media

    If you have attempted to use a standard language translation service for the purpose of converting a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaign into another language, you might notice that translation alone is insufficient.

    Because ad campaigns for PPC and further marketing creative communications cannot simply undergo language translation, they have to undergo transcreation!

    GlobalVision has two decades of experience in specialized marketing translation & transcreation:

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    Financial Translation

    Professional financial translation requires SMEs. Our subject knowledge translations extends into:

    • Annual reports
    • Financial Statements
    • Bank Statements
    • Credit Reports, Credit & Equity Research
    • Equity Research
    • Profit and Loss Reports
    • Balance Sheets
    • Investment Documents and other official documents
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    Energy & Power

    We can translate your engineering documents, specifications, drawings, bids & proposals, legal contracts, manuals, training materials, sales & marketing collateral, catalogs, installation manuals, web site and your Audio-Video content into all commercial languages including Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, French, Spanish,German, Russian… at the highest quality and consistency!

    Our Engineering translation expertise extends into:

    • Operator & Safety manuals
    • Installation Manuals
    • Training material
    • Technical drawings (CAD, CAM, MEP)
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    Our Insurance translation expertise includes:

    • Insurance booklets, forms & Enrollment forms
    • Beneficiary Designation & Forms
    • Benefit package & summaries
    • Insurance Claims
    • Disclosure Statements
    • Denials/Appeals/Grievance Letters
    • Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) …

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Subject Knowledge Translations

Subject matter expert translators are always needed when handling specialized and highly technical subjects. Just like you can’t expect a fiction writer to author an article in a medical journal, you cannot expect a marketing copy translator to localize your software.

Working with a translation agency that understands your industry field, your terminology, your writing style and your overall product value is essential to the success of your translated assets.

For more information on the different translation services that GlobalVision offers, visit here.

What About Other Industries?

GlobalVision’s subject knowledge translations are not limited to the above industries. We have a network of over 350 qualified native translators and many have very versatile backgrounds and abilities. We also have access to many translator databases around the world that by being affiliated to many translation associations.

Since we do not rely on internal translators to perform translation tasks, we have the ability to seek only the best experts in the field. We will engage them when projects require their skills.

Agencies that rely on internal translators often prefer to engage their internal staff over finding the best fit translator for the job. This will ultimately lead to less than optimal quality and results.

If your company has a special need in areas that are not covered above, we will search for the most appropriate translators in the world, thoroughly vet them, qualify them and approve them only when they meet our very stringent ISO detailed requirements. You can help set these requirements if you see fit to do so.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you work with GlobalVision, not only we guarantee your satisfaction, but we will also guarantee meeting your schedule and budget requirements with every project. Our yearly customer satisfaction surveys have proven that every time. One of the key reasons we are able to do so is our reliance on subject knowledge translators!

Why Choose GlobalVision?

To put it simply, experience! We are professional project managers, subject-matter-expert linguists, voice talents, typesetters and engineers. We’ve been performing top quality translation, transcration, localization, voice-over and typesetting for 20+ years. We can separate art (language) from science (format and code) and then fuse them together seamlessly and efficiently. This allows your words to be meaningful and presentable in all languages. Our quality and customer service are second to none in the industry with 97+% first time success rate and 100% client satisfaction. We have the data to prove it!