Taking Your Website Global

SEO & PPC Localization & Transcreation Benefits

  • A global website permits easy communication with your global audience to grow your business worldwide. A key requirement for a global website is not necessarily just to disseminate information to your global audience, but to also generate global leads and convergences. In this digital marketing world, generating global leads digitally has become a norm!

    What Will You Learn?

    1. How to tackle the global market efficiently and effectively:
      • How to identify and divide markets worldwide
      • How to target each market based on its maturity level
      • How to grow your international investments as markets justify it
    2. Challenges in developing and maintaining international websites:
      • Best structure for multilingual sites
      • How to keep the languages synchronized
      • SEO and PPC in a global site
    3. Processes to deal with changing business requirements
      • Open a window to the world
      • Leverage TMS and CMS technology
      • Leverage experts and professionals

    Feedback from attendees

    “I just wanted to let you know that I was able to attend today’s “Taking Your Website Global” webinar. Kudos on the amount of high-level information that was conveyed in a short amount of time. I appreciate the info and the bit of structure it can provide as our team discusses whether further localization is a good choice for our site.” Kristin D.

    Global Websites are a Must in Today’s Global Economy!

    Take 15 minutes to attend this webinar and make sure you forward the link to all involved in developing your website and adding content to it worldwide! The content is a must know in today’s global digital world!


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