Technical Translation Problems Avoided

Cambridge Technology Software Localization Success Story

Technical Translation Problems

Cambridge Technology (NSE: CTE) is a leading global technology company transforming organizations into “AI-first”​ leaders. For years, experts have spoken about the future of AI in making a tangible difference to businesses. At CT we believe that the future is now. We are therefore helping solve some of the world’s toughest and most complex challenges. We do that by enabling our customers create innovative and transformative solutions with AI. Often our clients need to take their software globally. This consequently creates technical translation problems that we rely on GlobalVision solve.

Our products and services address the transformational AI needs of any organization. This is from strategic workshops to implementation of business solutions through AI as a Service (AIaaS). Our expertise across multiple domains makes us the preferred choice for organizations seeking an AI partner to innovate and leapfrog the market. CT has at Maturity Level 5 for CMMI v1.3 with ISO 27001:2013 certification. We are therefore one of the few organizations in the world with a 100% AWS certified operations center, with competencies in Big Data, DevOps and Oracle.

Critical Technical Translation Problems

We build and maintain web-based enterprise software for one of our customers. They need it to be translated into fifteen different languages. Since we make monthly software releases enhancing existing modules and adding new ones, we closely engage GlobalVision’s team in our software delivery process. GlobalVision’s project management team coordinates their translators across the globe ensuring on time completion and delivery. They also do it with the highest levels of quality for each and every translation project.

GlobalVision’s translators perform an outstanding job dealing with our challenging requirements such as fragmented strings, technical/domain specific terminologies etc. GlobalVision maintains our translation database minimizing overhead to provide additional context and references.

It’s hence always a pleasure to work with them and we highly recommend them for solving all your critical technical translation problems.

Why Choose GlobalVision?

To put it simply, experience! We are professional project managers, subject-matter-expert linguists, voice talents, typesetters and engineers. We’ve been performing top quality translation, transcration, localization, voice-over and typesetting for 20+ years. We can separate art (language) from science (format and code) and then fuse them together seamlessly and efficiently. This allows your words to be meaningful and presentable in all languages. Our quality and customer service are second to none in the industry with 97+% first time success rate and 100% client satisfaction. We have the data to prove it!

Translation Management System Benefits

Translation Management System Benefits

This white paper will guide you through the translation & localization process. It will show you how a reliable Translation Management System can alleviate many translation issues typically encountered in traditional translation and localization processes. Download it for free!

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