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How to Choose?

Choosing a Translation CompanyPlanning on hiring a new translation company? Unsure how to budget for translation and localization services?

If translating and localizing your products or services are critical to your global business success, yet not a core competency of your company, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you have in hand a 2-3 page marketing piece or a technical manual with hundreds of pages to translate, choosing the right Translation agency will go a long way in meeting your international growth objectives.

Consider 5 factors when choosing a Professional Translation Agency

Success rate

Word of mouth is the best indicator of a translation company’s success. Instead of asking translation companies to provide you a translation sample, take a look at their clients’ testimonials and their reviews on translation forums. This will give you a much better insight on what to expect in a consistent manner.


Most translation agencies specialize in different vertical industries. Amassing top knowledge in specialized lexicons for all industries is not easy to accomplish! Check out where a translation agency positions itself as a leader. This will be their areas of specialization and will help you choose the right partner.


Certifications can never guarantee final translation quality! They do however provide a framework to help minimize and eliminate translation problems leading to maximizing translation and localization quality. When evaluating translation agencies, ask for their ISO9001 certificate and note how long they’ve been certified. The longer they’ve been certified, the more mature their quality management system is. Also, inquire about their translator certification and continuous monitoring processes. Reputable translation agencies will have very stringent vetting steps.


Every translation project has its complexities. With each project, multiple resources are involved and need to be coordinated. Efficient communication and workflow execution platforms have to facilitate and track assets and tasks between all stakeholders: the project manager, the translator, the reviewer, the desktop publishing staff, you and your in-country client or editor… Therefore, a Translation Management System is needed to track the translation process from A to Z. In addition to making the translation process transparent, it will streamline time consumption, minimize and eliminate errors, manage and store all translation assets and connect all project stakeholders.

Price-Value Ratio

Remember, you don’t want to hire the cheapest translation company; instead your mission is to hire the best translation agency in your industry for the most affordable price, to get the highest value for your money. Quality translation and localization come at a cost justified by their dividends—lower liability exposure, fewer support calls, wider product acceptance, and satisfied clients, local and international! In general “those who are good at what they do won’t accept to get paid less then what they deserve”.

  • Briefly about GlobalVision

    Translation and Localization Services company with:

    • 20 years of experience in Translation, Localization and Internationalization
    • 3500+ native, subject matter translators
    • Professional, dedicated and responsive Project Managers
    • 100+ languages supported
  • 98+% Success Rate

    According to recent customer satisfaction survey results

    • 98% said that the quality met their needs
    • 99% said that projects were delivered on or ahead of schedule
    • 99% said that the budget was met
  • ISO 9001 Certified

    GlobalVision’s processes are built from the ground up to conform with ISO requirements. This gives our clients the full transparency and the peace of mind while trusting us with their projects’ budgets, quality requirements and release schedules!

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 Some of our Clients’ Testimonials

 Over the many years that NWL has been doing business with GlobalVision we have never beeNWL n disappointed with the translations done by GlobalVision and the professionalism that your personnel has afforded us. We just received the highest compliment form one of our client in Eastern Europe: ‘The translation done by your Translation Company is better than what we could do ourselves’. Therefore we continue to recommend GlobalVision to our customers without hesitation!” NWL, Bordentown, NJ
dymoDYMO Software is localized into 16 languages, ranging from Chinese, to Czech, Polish and Hungarian as well as all Central European languages. After about five years working with a European-based company for localization we felt we needed to look elsewhere. Our initial project with GlobalVision was the localization of software and associated documentation into Traditional and Simplified Chinese. They were able to provide both languages at a competitive cost, on time, and with fewer problems than what we had experienced before. Since then, all localization has been moved to GlobalVision and we couldn’t be happier.While GlobalVision has provided excellent translation work for us, they also have very strong project management that allows them to meet their commitments on cost and delivery. Additionally, while Trados is a standard tool for localization, they understand it and make full use of it. This has allowed us to save money on localization and new product introductions by reusing previously localized sections of user manuals, help files and software UI’s.Lastly, coming at the end of a long bit of product development, localization is often done with tremendous time pressures and external stresses. Throughout such trying times, GlobalVision personnel have bent over backwards to see that our needs are met. This professionalism has earned them a very important position as part of DYMO’s extended enterprise.” Dymo – A division of NewellRubbermaid
zeiss“… On a different note, I just went onto your website.  Feel free to list our company as one of your happy clients, as we are very pleased with your work so far.”  Carl Zeiss Vision Canada, Ontario, Canada

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