Letter from the President

Turn Globalization Threats into Opportunities!

With the explosive growth of middle-class consumers outside the USA and persistent globalization trends, companies are accelerating their activities in foreign markets. They’re paying more attention to the unique requirements and opportunities of international growth.

Executives possessing a global vision are convinced now more than ever that to succeed internationally, they must localize their products, websites and literature. The benefits are many:

  • Tangible competitive edge
  • International and local image that is hard to ignore
  • Visible commitment to customers worldwide
  • Better communications with international customers and prospects
  • Unparalleled market penetration

With many years of global exposure, our clients confirm that the language of business is truly the language of the customer. Since localization and translation are not core competencies they possess, our clients believe that outsourcing those tasks to us is the obvious solution.

At GlobalVision International, we take your global market commitment to a higher level. When you become our customer, your languages, schedules, processes, and goals for quality become our business. We put you and your end-users first and foremost.

On behalf of our staff, I welcome you to visit our site, sign up to GlobalEyes to get our free and informative blog posts, and to contact GlobalVision for further information.

Nabil Freij, President

Nabil FreijAbout Nabil Freij

Mr. Freij, author of Enabling Globalization, is trilingual and holds a BSEE from Northeastern University, an MSEE from Brown University, as well as an MBA from Bryant University. Freij has worked for 30 years in the hardware, software, and localization industries. He has traveled the world and lived in five countries on three continents. Mr. Freij lives with his wife in Palmetto, FL. He is frequently published and quoted. You can read his blog at blog.globalvis.com.