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SolidWorks R&D organization began to look at outsourcing some of its localization during 1997. SolidWorks Corporation was growing rapidly in terms of customers, market opportunities, employees and revenue. The growth was both domestic and international. 

More languages were being added and supported each year. The goals for SolidWorks were to find an outsourcing localization partner that could deliver quality translations for the mechanical CAD sector. At the same time, the requirements for an outsourcing partner included on time delivery during very compressed software development cycles, demanding flexibility as milestones were nudged or shifted significantly and required the outsourcing partner to work side-by-side with our in-house native language engineers who simultaneously produced localized materials – all at a competitive and reasonable cost structure.

After ten years of partnership with GlobalVision, SolidWorks can clearly attest to the success of the working relationship. Every shipment of SolidWorks CAD software, whether a major release or one of numerous Service Packs, has been delivered in English as well as all supported languages. The quality of the language translations has been high, on time delivery has been exceptional, cooperative input from GlobalVision to improve glossary terminology and suggestions to improve process and tools has been instrumental in seamlessly building our localization team.

GlobalVision staff as well as the 14 SolidWorks native language engineers supports SolidWorks products in 13 languages including four double byte Asian languages, Russian, Czech, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish.

Without any reservation, SolidWorks R&D has found the relationship to be stress free of administrative issues, cooperative in all aspects, shared ownership of the deliverables including completeness, accuracy, quality and timeliness and seamless in daily operations. And lastly, cost has been and continues to be below competitive market rates.”

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Why Choose GlobalVision?

To put it simply, experience! We are professional project managers, subject-matter-expert linguists, voice talents, typesetters and engineers. We’ve been performing top quality translation, transcration, localization, voice-over and typesetting for 20+ years. We can separate art (language) from science (format and code) and then fuse them together seamlessly and efficiently. This allows your words to be meaningful and presentable in all languages. Our quality and customer service are second to none in the industry with 97+% first time success rate and 100% client satisfaction. We have the data to prove it!