Translation Memory Tools

Streamlines Translation Process

Is the concept of Translation Memory (TM) foreign to you?Translation Memory

As our staff translates your manuals, help files, software applications and web pages, the computer stores all source and target texts in a database that can be reused at a later time.

Throughout the translation process, with the advent of a search engine constantly running on the source text and database, all identical or fuzzy matches found between the source text and the database, are automatically retrieved for the translator to use.

This streamlined process is possible with the advent of Translation Memory software. It not only enforces consistency within the same manual or help, but also across multiple manuals, help and GUIs, leading to much improved quality in the localized products.

Get a quoteAlso, Translation Memory enables a top-down localization methodology for text reuse that minimizes costs during future updates/revisions of your products.

If your language service provider is not using translation memory tools or is not passing on to you savings due to repeat in text or fuzzy matching, ask them why their process is not streamlined and then talk to us!

Translation Management System Benefits

Translation Management System Benefits

This white paper will guide you through the translation & localization process. It will show you how a reliable Translation Management System can alleviate many translation issues typically encountered in traditional translation and localization processes. Download it for free!

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