Engineering Translation Services

Technical Translations for High Technology-Content Products

Engineering Translation ServicesGlobalVision International provides high quality, reliable technical and engineering translation services at competitive rates.

We understand the complexity in communicating engineering concepts and terminology, this is why we only employ translators with science & technical expertise to handle such projects. We ensure that your engineering documents are handled by translators with background in the engineering and technical areas required and have experience with translations of engineering text.

We translate your engineering documents into all commercial languages including Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Russian… at the highest quality and consistency!

Our professional desktop publishing team is also very experienced at ensuring that formatting of the technical and engineering drawings are properly formatted and configured. Their experience with FrameMaker, InDesign and other engineering authoring platforms enables us to deliver to you print ready manuals and drawings in any language needed!

Our Advantage

GlobalVision was founded by engineers and the majority of its employees in project management and production are engineers. We understand the nuances involved in dealing with engineering documents and files and the level of detail that is involved in properly translating and localizing them. Over the twenty plus years of our operations, we have translated files for engineering firms including file formats in CAD such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, PTC, TurboCAD, GibbsCAM, Ansys, Ansoft, SpaceClaim, Revit, Moldflow, Viewlogic, Mentor Graphics, PADS, Comsol, Blue Ridge Numerics, Spatial and others too many to mention…

Remember, unless the translator understands the source, he or she cannot properly create the target text! With our technical expertise, we can properly evaluate the ability of translators to handle the needed translations and engage them when and where needed. Subject matter expert translators are more costly to involve, but are essential when dealing with engineering and technical text. Without them, your localized material may look nice, but will not relate the intended meaning to technical users and engineers around the world. Our engineers can speak your language on many levels and can understand your technical and engineering needs to ensure proper translation and localization along with the return of problem-free files and drawings.

Technical & Engineering Translation Service For:

  • Operating Manuals
  • Safety manuals
  • Installation Manuals
  • Training material
  • Technical drawings
  • Technical patents
  • Technical specs and reports
  • Technical proposals
  • CAD Drawings and other engineering specifications documents

To ensure confidence in our technical and engineering translation service quality work we provide, we are ISO9001 Certified, ISO13485 Compliant, and EN15038 Compliant.

In addition, we will provide a Certificate of Accuracy upon request for your records.

Some of our Clients:

  • “…We found GlobalVision online so naturally we were a little concerned if their delivery will match the sales pitch, so we started with one language to test them out. Three years later we solely use GlobalVision ...”

  • Since the initial multi-language website project, Spatial has made GlobalVision their go-to company for all translations including press releases, web content, and collateral materials. Each project is completed quickly and accurately,.

Why Choose GlobalVision?

To put it simply, Experience! We are professional project managers, subject-matter-expert linguists and engineers who have been performing top quality technical translations for 20 years. We can separate art (language) from science (format) and then fuse them together seamlessly and efficiently allowing your words to be meaningful and presentable in all languages used. Our quality and customer service are second to none in the industry, and we have the data to prove it!