Other Language Translation Services

  • Transcreation

    What is Transcreation? It is the adaptation of the text into a target language while meeting certain constraints that require creativity to overcome. Unlike language translation service providers, a transcreator can veer from the source text to achieve a high priority desired goal while maintaining the original intent of the source. Transcreators are knowledgeable of all goals and have the creativity skill to accomplish them.

    Your transcreation team will also be concerned about the naming of the landing pages. Often file names are not converted by language translation companies. But file names make a big difference in the SEO ranking. What about meta-tags and alt tags? Are you considering translating them?

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    Our Transcriptionists have the technological expertise to handle any situation and can interface with transcription modules in your facility to ensure accurate, fast results. Our digital dictation service is available 24 hours a day, and you can have your choice of a handheld digital recorder or toll free dictation.

    Our standard turnaround time is two business days. If turnaround time is not a deciding factor for you, we also offer economy transcription services with three day and one week turnaround times for reduced rates.

    Transcription services can be coupled with our language translation services to provide you transcriptions from any language into your preferred language!

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    GlobalVision provides consecutive interpretation services over the phone in any language, anywhere on the planet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our partner network of specialized interpreters, operators and technicians offer industry-leading innovative services that include:

    • Immediate over the phone consecutive interpretation
    • Global operator and customer services
    • Multi-language call center services
    • Full telecom billing including calling card, collect, credit card and third party
    • Rapid access interpretation services

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    Language Listing

    We have 3500+ translators in our database. We mainly use professionals residing in their country of origin with a college degree in translation who have been vetted through our rigorous qualification standards for reliability and production over a trial period. Their mother tongue must be the target language, and they must demonstrate their ability to translate within their chosen field of expertise qualified by numerous large prior engagements or through having successfully completed a related degree of study in that field.

    We translate from and into 100+ languages. Find out the full list here!

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  • Professional Desktop Publishing / Layout

    Our expert Desktop Publishing (DTP) services support most document formats in any language. Coupling our DTP services with our language translation services, not only we ensure that your document is “ready-to-print”, but we can also provide cost-competitive Print Services and worldwide delivery.

    • File conversion
    • Image or Graphical Editing
    • Post-translation brush-up
    • Publication
    • Print & Ship

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    eBook Publishing

    With the proliferation of electronic readers and eBooks, publication costs have eroded significantly over the years. Amazon now sells more eBooks than printed books!

    You can make your existing MS Word, InDesign, Publisher, Quark, PDF or similar books, booklets, training materials, support documents, and publications available on all of the popular eBook Readers (Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC, Android, Blackberry, or similar). And you can have them translated into and formatted for any language!

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    Labeling, Printing, & Packaging

    GlobalVision provides high quality custom labels and printed packaging for all industries. Whether it’s Custom, Pharmaceutical, Retail or any type of Packaging, general printing or Digital Label Printing, we can help you with your requirements!

    Our Labeling, Custom Printing, and Packaging Services include (but not limited to):

    • ISO Certified and cGMP compliant resources for Life Science and regulated clients
    • Graphics and structural engineering support
    • Complete digital pre-press solutions
    • On Demand, JIT (Just In Time), partial shipping schedules
    • Complete bindery resources – Saddle, Perfect, Spiral, Wire-O Binding, etc.
    • Complete mailing, kitting, fulfillment, and logistics solutions

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    Localization Services 

    Lastly, our Language Translation Service make up the bulk of our professional services and extends into:

    • Technical and Non-Technical Translation: Financial, legal, Marketing, Medical, Engineering etc…
    • All file formats: MS Word, Excel, PPT, Publisher, RTF, PDF, QuarkXPress, Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
    • All Materials: User Guides, Tutorials, Instructional Manuals, Online Help, Handbooks, Press Releases, Surveys, Marketing Brochures & Catalogs, White Papers, Datasheets, PPT Presentations…

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