10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Translation

Don't Compromise Budgets, Schedules or Quality

10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization Whitepaper

Quality comes at a price justifiable by its dividends: fewer support calls, wider product use, lower liability and satisfied clients.

This whitepaper presents applicable ten tips that will help you navigate through the requirements of your translation & localization projects and deliver a quality product that your international end-users will thank you for.

10 Tips On Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

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    Included Topics

    1. Translation and localization strategies to ensure quality while meeting schedule and budget needs. Different strategies are explained, including over-the-wall, coupled and integrated. Each strategy’s pros and cons are presented and described.
    2. The importance of getting a commitment from the top and how to avoid the budget ax! Without the proper funds, quality is almost impossible to achieve!
    3. How to select the right people to apply to each task and the importance of each step of the translation process.
    4. The importance of applying the correct process in the short and long term.
    5. The importance of collaboration, transparency and communication with all the stakeholders.

    It is often said that companies have to choose between budget, schedule and quality and that all 3 cannot be achieved. This is a myth that we have busted over our 20+ years of operation (see our yearly customer satisfaction surveys where we meet all 3 over 98% of the time)! The challenge is in proper planning and execution.

    This whitepaper will give much of the information that you need to properly plan and execute quality localization and translation projects, each and every time. Take 15 minutes to download and read it!