10 Ways to Reduce Translation Costs

Having translation budget problems?

Some say that the best way to reduce translation costs is by avoiding localization Reduce Translation Costsaltogether. But you know better because you have a global vision and realize that to compete in a global economy, your products have to speak your clients’ languages.

This white paper will give you 10 tangible methods to reduce your translation costs without sacrificing quality. Guaranteed to save you money and a must read for every translation or localization manager.

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Topics Discussed

Topics discussed in this whitepaper cover the translation process and the importance of reducing not only short term, but also long term translation costs; the importance of reducing verbosity in manuals, help and other documentation (verbosity contributes to increased word count and therefore costs) ; properly authoring for translation; using single-sourcing techniques effectively; the importance of consistency in the use of terminology and writing style; how to deal with last minute updates to your product and documents before release; how to plan future product releases; using art strategically and properly to reduce word count and translation needs; using the proper page format or online formats; and the importance of never sacrificing quality.

A 15 minute read will help reduce your translation costs, guaranteed!

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