How to Plan & Budget for Localization Projects

How to Plan and Budget for Localization and Translation Projects Whitepaper

Did your previous translation and localization project slip, exceed its delivery schedule or did not meet your end-users’ quality needs? We often hear complaints about vendors that failed in one or all three requirements: Budget, Schedule and Quality!

Not at GlobalVision, our yearly surveys, consistently show that we can meet all 3 criteria 98+% of the time!

Let’s face it, to succeed in today’s business environment, companies in all industries have to think globally. The ones that don’t will ultimately be taken over by the ones that do, or perish. Thinking globally means that you have to release product internationally, on time and with the quality that international users expect! This whitepaper presents you with straight forward metrics that will help you determine the budget and schedules needed for your translation and localization projects to succeed. Don’t request a translation bid without reading it first!

How to Plan & Budget Translation Projects Whitepaper

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Translation & Localization Planning Topics Covered

  1. Looking for quality? How to derive an accurate budget for your complex translation and localization projects?
  2. Looking for the lowest cost vendor? Think long term! Content has a bad habit of changing over time requiring updates to the translated assets. How to estimate what the recurring update costs will be?
  3. Looking to release localized product yesterday? How to estimate the time needed to properly complete the translation or localization effort?
  4. Want to streamline the process? What order to apply to translate your files when software, help, manuals and other assets are needed in other languages?
  5. What to watch out for that can throw your project off?

First-level rules of thumb are explicitly detailed in simple mathematical equations that although may not get you a hole in one, will surely get your ball on the green!

Use the info in this whitepaper to better plan your upcoming localization and translation projects. Download it today!