Search Engine Geo-Optimization Whitepaper

Considerations to take into account before you engage in your next website globalization effort

Companies with search engine-optimized websites are increasingly awakening to the fact that the language of business is the language of the customer. As a result, they are undertaking the effort and expense of converting their websites, along with their products and literature, into the languages most used by their prospects and clients.

But if you have done your homework with your source language site, you know that ensuring its search engine optimization takes a lot of effort and incurs a big cost! So, are you ready to multiply this effort and cost into the number of languages that you want to translate or localize your website into? You shouldn’t have to, if you get the correct process, people and technology involved!

This whitepaper provides many considerations to take into account before you engage in your next website globalization effort.

Search Engine Geo-Optimization

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What you will learn

  1. The importance of your website’s content structure
  2. The importance of properly handling tags and meta tags
  3. The importance of using the proper terminology across your website and disseminating accurate terminology to your international team. Hint, terminology is synonymous to keywords!
  4. The importance of keeping the DNA of your website intact during localization!
  5. Why is it important to localize your PPC campaign and how it can save you money?
  6. The importance of choosing the right technology and tools like CMS, authoring tools, file formats and platforms…

Before you embark on your next translation or localization effort for your website, make sure you spend 15 minutes reading this essential whitepaper to learn the importance of Search-Engine Geo Optimization!